Wednesday, August 5, 2015

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Pipedream polish ANIVC water marble

Yeah, you knew this was coming. I've been playing with my pipe dream polishes over and over again since I got them, and I was yet to do a full water marble with them.  So here it is, I couldn't hold out any longer!

I have to say, I got so many compliments with these on my nails. I also love them so much that I ended up wearing them for about five straight days.  I really do have to say that it's not just the great formula on these for water marbling that I love, it's actually the complementary colour combo that you get when using the whole collection together. The shades are so cohesive and are really seen at their best when teamed up.

Pipe Dream has a new collection of creams releasing soon, I wonder how hard they will be to get? The colours look bright and saturated, just my thing!

Even Miss 4 got in on the action with some watermarble nails. I did hers by leaving the watermarble design to dry on top of the water overnight, then cut it up and applied them as decals.


  1. Wow, these are gorgeous and perfect! I wish I could water marble like that!

  2. Those are so beautiful I can't stop looking at them!

  3. SO gorgeous! I can't get over the marbles I've seen with this collection.

  4. Oh, look how cute Miss Four's nails are! I wish I had a mini me to do this with. My "baby" is now twenty-one & away at college, ugh.

  5. This water marble is beautiful! It is such fun and creative design that can be applied to other crafts as well =)


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