Sunday, August 16, 2015

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Picture Polish Damask stamping with matte polish

Hey everyone. Wow I've had a few very busy days! I just don't know where the time went.  I actually popped up to Sydney for the weekend and went to see Les Miserables at the Capitol Theater.  WOW, seriously amazing.  The Aussie cast in just awesome and the whole experience was just mind blowingly epic. If you are in Sydney then don't miss seeing it and if you are in Brissy, then make sure you get along when the season starts up there in November.

Just before I went away, I send off my latest collaboration video created for Picture Polish.  When I arrived in Sydney I was excited to see they had already shared it on Instagram.

I've had the idea for this in my head for ages.  I got the idea from the gift bags that Picture Polish send their nail polish in.  They are a black bag that has glossy embossed damask designs on them (you can see them in the background to some of my pictures).

Picture Polish were kind enough to send me the Moyou Fashionista 07 plate as they now also sell  a whole range of Moyou plates.  If you are looking for a plate with Damask images, I do recommend this one as it has large images and many different damask designs.

I used three Picture Polish shades to achieve this look. Black, Gloss on Top and G'day Matte.  The process is actually very fast and easy.  Just paint your nails black, apply the fast drying top coat and then stamp with the matte top coat.  

I did experiment the other way around, ie having a matte base and then stamping with a glossy top coat, but the finish wasn't as good, as the top coat soaked into the matte base and it didn't show up as well.  So in case you are wondering, it is best to stamp with matte polish over glossy polish rather than stamp glossy polish over matte polish.

I really am so happy with how this design turned out.  It's exactly how I had planned it in my head.  I think black polish is also the best for this, although other dark shades would work well too.

Did you guys have a good weekend? I'm bummed to go back to work tomorrow after such a great weekend.

Oh, and in other news, just like the last two years, I will be joining in with Sarah from Chalkboard nails in attempting the 31 Day nail art challenge.  If want to know all the details, then check out Sarah's post and her FAQ.  Please shout out in the comments below if you think you might join in. I'd love to check out your art too.


  1. Really cool, just like the bag!!

  2. My first comment didn't work? Darn internets! Anyway, I'm probably doing the 31 day challenge. Even if I don't actually have time for it.
    Also, g'day matte is probably the first matte i've ever seen actually stamp successfully...

  3. Really pretty! And thanks so much for the helpful tip RE: stamping with matte vs glossy! Can't wait to try this now...

    1. Also, did you find that the stamped image held up okay without a top coat? I've had issues with that (back when I started stamping and didn't really know about top coay... d'oh!)

    2. I only wore this for one day (as with most of my manis) but yes, the stamping held up fine without top coat. Not sure if that is specifically the G'Day Matte that works so well, but it didn't scratch off (I actually even tried to scratch it off on my pinky before I removed the mani.

  4. This is really a gorgeous stamp and your interpretation. Beautiful job!

  5. This is just beautiful and so inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

  6. omg amazing !!! i am so stealing this look :)

  7. Gorgeous! I love it!!! I absolutely have to try ! Thank you for the tip!!


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