Monday, February 15, 2016

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The Digit-al Dozen does 'Nail Heroes': The Crumpet

And so begins another week of Digit-al Dozen posts, and I'm sorry to say I do not have my shit together this week and so far out of five posts over the next five days, I've only prepared a mani for this one.  My life is just so chaotic at the moment with work and running around after the family that what used to be my me time is wasted away with me just feeling exhausted.  I went to bed at 9.00pm last night. Seriously, who does that!

Anyway, let's get on with the mani I have prepared.  The theme for this weeks Digit-al Dozen is Nail Heroes.  Of course we can interpret it in any way we want, it might be a fellow blogger or instagramer, a polish brand, so simply a nail tool or product that has become a 'can't live without it' item.  So where to start right.

Well I figured I'm start by providing some love back to fellow blogger The Crumpet, who has provided so much to the online nail community. Debbie is a powerhouse of organisation in the nail world, and has set up some of the most amazing groups of nail art challenges, as well as started some of the most popular nail focused facebook groups.  I'm pretty sure she was one of the people who started Adventures in Stamping way back before I even joined facebook!  

I think I first came across Debbie's blog when she wrote a long and detailed post in mid 2012 titled Lynderella Rockafeller - the week that nail polish ate itself.  Just like the Mentality polish drama cemented itself in 2015, the Lynderella drama of 2012 was of a similar magnitude.  Since that time I've read Debbie's blog and loved her great writing and her fun manis.  

Deb's latest blog post shares that she is ready to bow out of the nail polish world, so choosing one of her manis was a perfect way to say thanks for the memories!

Debbie is a big fan of the dotting tool, so I wanted to choose a dotticure mani to recreate.  Then I remembered this mani - Dotty Cupcake.  I'm pretty sure her raves about the base polish was one of the main reasons I bought it, that, and so many people including it in their best polishes of 2015 lists!

The base polish is Cupcake Polish Berry Good Looking and yes it truly is as amazingly awesome as everyone says it is.  I didn't have the same Jessica polishes for the dots, so I just picked out some Ulta3 polishes that looked like similar shades.  I rarely do dotticures, but I should do more, this was fun!

And now Berry Good Looking on it's own. WOW!


  1. Gorgeous tribute to a fab lady!! Hope your week gets better for you too.

  2. Wow, that polish is absolutely stunning!! The polka dots are so cute too!

  3. I've been resisting getting that polish, and also I am not even that much of a purple polish lover, but I feel myself getting weaker, lol. Thank you for your tribute. Debbie will be so missed, but I do understand her decision. I don't know how every blogger doesn't burn out within a year or so!


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