Friday, February 5, 2016

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Back to school and DRK Cobogo 2 stamping plate

Yay for Friday and the end of yet another very hectic week. This week in Australia marked back to school week after the summer holidays, and for us this meant my little baby girl started kindergarten. 

I usually don't do school drop off or pick up as I'm at work, and I'm lucky that my awesome mum does it for us.  But this week I adjusted my work hours so I could do drop off and pick up.  But geezh, trying to fit a full day of work into just 5 hours at work is pretty unachievable. But it sure was nice to be there at the end of their school day to see their happy little (and tired) little faces. Here are my little chickadees on day 1 of school for my young man and day 2 for little miss.

For the nails tonight, I'm pulling this one from the vault.  I did this gradient stamping combo a little while back before I got my clear jelly stampers, therefore the stamping isn't as well aligned as I would like.  But I am proud of myself that I managed to use a different stamping colour than either black, white, silver or gold.

I used an image from DRK Cobogo 2 plate.  I was sent this place for review and found it to be a beautifully deep etched plate with patterns that were very easy to pick up.

I chose this plate because I thought the designs on it would work nicely for leadlighting, with lots of sections that could be coloured in.  But what I didn't realise until I got the plate is that the designs are actually revered from what I was imagining.  Eg the top two images I thought I would be able to colour in the parts of the circles, or around the stars etc, whereas those are actually the bits that are stamped, and the lines that make the pattern are the bit that is the gap.  Does that make sense?

Basically what you see below in black is what will stamp onto your nails.  This is of course the same way that all plates are shown, that is the dark part is what stamps, but I just imagined it the other way around.  So instead of using these for decals or regular lead lighting, I'll have to try out some reverse leadlighting, where you stamping in white polish over a darker colour, and then colour in the white stamping with jelly polishes.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Stamping plate provided for review.

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  1. Look how cute they are! I'm so jealous that it is summer there, today is pretty cold here in Midwestern US...I don't want to go out, but have to go to the grocery store...

    Cool mani! ...nothing wrong with stamping with basic colors, but I know what you mean...


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