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Color Club Halo Hues 2015

Today I have swatches of the Color Club Halo Hues 2015 release. There are seven polishes in the collection and I have to say I find the colour choices a bit odd.  There are two stronger, more saturated colours and then there are five colours that are all very similar with only subtle colour differences.

This whole collection has a much more metallic finish to it compared to the previous Color Club Halo Hue polishes and the holographic effect isn't as strong as the earlier releases either.  On the up side, the formula was good and application was easy, albeit a little on the thick side.  I used two coats for the two stronger colours and three coats for the pastel shades.

Crystal Baller - a cornflower blue holo.  While this is one of the stronger colours in the collection, I wouldn't say its a bright colour, it's still on the pastel side, especially in the shade and indoors.

Sidewalk Psychic - a pinky red, rusty copper brownish shade.  Definitely the most opaque of the lot, but not necessarily a colour that everyone will love.

Date with Destiny - a soft pastel shade with a strong lilac purple shimmer. Really pretty and at least it looks purple and slightly different to the other polishes.

Fingers Crossed - I'm going to call this one a platinum gold. It definitely has a gold shimmer, but it's not the goldest polish in the collection, it is more silver, but it's definitely not a silver holo either.  I actually love it, cause it's gold toned.

Just my luck - Same metallic finish with a strong shimmer, this time in a pastel green, a very, very, very pastel green.

Star light star bright - Ok, now here is the gold holo in the collection, but it is still a very soft cool toned gold, which I would normally call a platinum gold, except that there is another even paler gold in the collection. Love it.

What's your sign - finally, the last pastel shade, in the except same vain as the other pastel shades, a strong metallic finish with a heavy pink shimmer. 

I was and still am confused by how similar some of the polishes are in this collection. As least with the pink and purple pastel shades you can tell they are those colours, but for the three gold/green shades it's pretty damn impossible to tell them apart.

Here is a comparison of Star light, Star Bright, Fingers Crossed and Just my Luck, together with Kismet, the gold holo from the 2013 Halo Hues. First in the shade and they are all so similar.  

In the sun you can see that Kismet is much more holo than the new polishes, and you can see that the new ones are very hard to tell apart.

I still think they are pretty, but I just don't know why Color Club would release so many shades that are so similar to each other, it just seems like a wasted opportunity.

What do you guys think? Will you be adding these holos to your collection?


  1. Considering some of the colors that indie holos that are available I am disappointed in CClubs color range. For a big company you would expect they could do better

  2. The blue one looks interesting, but generally other brands have better holos.
    Great review though, as always. Today I made my firs Color Club order and finally I've chosen Kimset from old collection. I think it was a good decision :) Can't wait to try it!

  3. I love the Halo Hues collection as a rule, but I wish they'd make a bit bolder colours as well.

  4. All these polishes are fabulous, but first one is my favorite! It creates a real broadway nails effect.

  5. I waited with anxious angst for this collection, and was completely let down by all the similar colors. I just think that they could have done much better, like you said a missed opportunity.


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