Saturday, February 27, 2016

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40 Great Nail Art Ideas: Fashion

The theme for this week's 40 great nail art ideas is Fashion.  I quite like this prompt because it's pretty easy to get inspiration from fashion I think.  Generally when I browsing on my ipad, if I see something someone is wearing, or a picture of a dress or shoes or something that inspires me to do nail art, then I quickly take a screen shot of it.  I now have this huge library of ideas to select from when a prompt like this comes up.  

I found this picture of a pair of shoes on the @shoes account on instagram.  Unfortunately they don't credit the makers of the shoes very well on that account so I don't even know the brand of these. But I do know they have amazing iridescent multichrome straps!

I tried to find a matching iridescent green to blue polish in my collection, but I couldn't find anything that was a perfect match.  I ended up going with ILNP Cold Fusion.  I painted squares of the blue polish (Ulta3 Blue Marlin) and Cold Fusion onto my UberChic Mat and let them dry.  I then cut up strips and applied them over a nude jelly base.  The gold chains on my nails are gold temporary tattoos.


  1. Cool inspiration and technique!

  2. This is so super cool! This really convinces me that I need to get some ILNP flakies!

  3. These are so cool! I love all of the colors and chain links.


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