Saturday, February 6, 2016

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40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Aqua or Turquoise

I'm sneaking this post in late on Saturday night, just in time for the 40 Great nail art ideas.

The prompt this week is Aqua or Turquoise and my pattern or technique was reciprocal gradient.  

I wanted to try something different rather than just a regular straight line reciprocal gradient, which I done before and also with similar colours, so instead I did a radial reciprocal gradient with some swirl nail vinyls that I got from Loki's nail vinyls here in Australia.  

I started with a radial gradient and then applied the swirl vinyls.  I then reversed the radial gradient colours for the second part of the reciprocal gradient.

I do have an insta video of this, so once I've posted that to Instagram, I'll post it here too.


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