Thursday, May 5, 2016

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Holo droplets feat. stencils from What's Up nails

Argh, what is this with the 11.30pm quick blog post before bed.  Usually I do a blog post before I go paint my nails, but tonight I painted them first (and they took ages (and I don't like them very much)). I have a few edited photos of different manis to share, but they are needed me to do something extra, such as edit a video.

I just edited my video for these, and all up it took me 25 minutes to do all the trimming, editing, adjusting speed, adding watermarks etc to the video.  Who has time to do this!  I don't know how those girls with millions of follows manage to post nail art with tutorials every day!  They mustn't have demanding jobs or children!!

As the title suggests for this mani, I used some nail vinyls from What's Up nails for this look.  I started with a solid blue creme base, I used Pretty Serious Type 40.  I then applied the nail vinyls and used three of the blue holos from the China Glaze Hologlam collection to create a soft holo gradient.

I've used the What's up nai vinyls before and they are good quality.  They are easy to peel away from the backing paper without having to push out every hole cause the cuts are precise. They also last well when you have thin sections of vinyl (like between these drops) and then apply lots of polish on top. They don't melt and stay strong for a good peel off.

Don't forget to jump over to Instagram to see the video for these.  I can't wait until Instagram rolls out the 1 minutes videos to everyone.  Then I wont have to do these lightening fast tutorials that are done in 15 seconds.  It's not fair that they have rolled it out to some special users and not everyone!

Nail vinyls provided for consideration.


  1. This is stunning - you definitely chose the right polishes to use together.


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