Saturday, May 7, 2016

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Lots of Great Floral Nail Art Ideas

So after so many people have dropped out from this year long challenge, I've decided to follow suit of a few other ladies, and drop the '40' from the blog title.  There hasn't been 40 manis for many weeks, so instead I'll just go with 'lots'.

This week's theme is Floral, and I've recreated a similar design that Sarah from Chalkboard nails created a few years back with Black-eyed Susan with fully centres.  Here in Australia we don't have Black-eyed Susans, as they are native to North America, but we do have lots of other varieties of daisy's and they all pretty much look the same right.

These were all painted freehand, which is probably quite evident.  But it is the sort of design that is achievable on both hands without having to resort to creating nail decals for you other hand.  My favourite part of these is most definitely the flocking powder 3D centres to these.


  1. Wonderful! such a creative idea :)

  2. OOH - these are so fun and beautiful!! Love the flocking centers, but your painting details are fabulous too! :)

  3. These are brilliant - love the flocking centres!


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