Thursday, May 19, 2016

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Pretty Serious - Pastel Pets Names Collection watermarble and swatches.

I've been MIA for several days.  My son had his tonsils and adenoids out on Tuesday and has been pretty knocked about by it.  But now that he is home from hospital, and I have some time off work to care for him, I'm able to sneak in some cheeky blog posts and nail swatching!

I don't buy much polish these days.  The crazy days of me buying every collection I saw are well behind me now.  These days I only buy a whole collection if they really talk to me.  Once again, Pretty Serious has done it for me, just like they did with metallic collection at Christmas time last year, where I saw the collection and knew I had to get them all.

My immediate reaction when I saw them all lined up together is "I have to try these in a water marble".  Of course water marbling is a very fickle business, and whether it's going to work for you isn't, in my opinion, anything to to with your skill, it's all about the polish you use.  So my question was then, will these new polishes from Pretty Serious water marble like I want them to?  Clearly the answer to that is YES!

I used all six colours for my flower patter watermarble. Aint it pretty! I've done pastel water marbles before, using my own polishes that I've mixed up, but I love that the Pretty Serious pastels are stronger and brighter pastels that the ones I already have.

Now for some swatches of each of the different colours. The forumla on all of these was excellent, two coats of perfectness - including the yellow.  These swatches show two coats plus Seche Vite top coat. I'm kicking myself now that I haven't got some of the original bright Pet name polishes too.

Bunny Foo foo - a cool blue leaning creamy mint shade.

Cutie Patootie - mid toned lavender purple.

Doodle bug - a mid toned aqua blue, the brightest shade of the bunch.

Fluffykins - classic fairy floss (or cotton candy for you US readers) pink.

Little duckling - soft pastel yellow, a really pretty and wearable yellow.

Peachie poo - creamy pastel peach.

I bought these during the pre-sale, but they will be available for general purchase from 28 May 2016 via the Pretty Serious website.


  1. The water marble looks amazing! <3

  2. Omg, omg, omg! Hahah, sometimes that is all that has room to come out when a person is gob-smacked with so much awesomeness! Those polishes are gorgeous, and your mani - well, need I say anything? Hells yes! Your watermarbles are gorgeous, beautiful, stunning - every description possible to express WoW! Thank you for sharing!

    Hope your little one recovers quickly. Do they still recommend Jell-O and ice cream since their throats are sore? Poor little ones, hate to see them not feeling their usual selves. Hugs xxx kisses!

  3. This is beyond gorgeous! The polishes are beautiful and your stamping is absolutely flawless!

  4. such a fantastic watermarble!!


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