Friday, July 15, 2016

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Digital Dozen redoes Fashion - Day 4

Geez, this blog posting every day is a bit much work isn't it, but I do love how the Digital Dozen posts push me to extend my nail art.

Today's dress is a pretty one, and it actually has me doing a fairly common design that I've never done before, a fishtail pattern.  Rather than doing it with various shades of the same colour, I tried to double load my brush with two colours of polish and create each cross on the fishtail in it's own gradient.  I also did the fishtail pattern on my thumb, and of course the first thumb I did was the best, and the finger I saved for last (so I could do some practice on the others) was probably the worst.  Ah well, them's the breaks!

I was a bit lazy with this mani.  I wanted to do a gradient mani, so I actually googled gradient dress and chose this design because I could see a few different elements that I could do as different techniques.


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