Thursday, July 14, 2016

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Digital Dozen redoes Fashion - Day 3

As soon as I started playing with the new chrome powder, I started to think of different ways that I could use them.  I wanted to try it with nail vinyls and had this idea in my head, and then I found this dress on Modcloth and it was the perfect combo for Digital Dozen Fashion week.

I started with two coats of Face of Australia polish No Angel, which is a soft coral leaning pastel pink.  I then applied a layer of gel top coat, cured it and wiped away the sticky layer.  Next way laying out the straight vinyls, which is nice and easy now that the base is set hard from the gel polish.

Then just rub in the powder over the top of the vinyls.  Make sure your vinyls are stuck down really well, otherwise you might get some powder leakage underneath.  I finished it off with another layer of gel polish top coat.   What I really love about these powders is that the edges are smooth and seamless when you pull up the vinyl, unlike when you use polish and you get that little edge line,

I've got a video on this coming up on Instragram too.


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