Wednesday, July 27, 2016

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Jamberry collaboration with SoNailicious

A few weeks back I received an unexpected, beautifully presented package in the mail from Jamberry. Don't freak out, I'm not becoming a consultant, but I am still a firm believer that there is a market for good quality nail wraps which can bring nail art to people that for whatever reason, can't do nail art.

I've tried Jamberry wraps before and the truth was I actually found them really excellent. I've even worn a few more that I'm yet to blog about. They always apply neatly and smoothly, they last well and they remove cleanly without any damage to my nails (unlike those nasty NCLA ones I tried last week).

This package arrived with the official Jamberry heater.  What a difference this made, not so much to the application of my wraps, but to my comfort as I applied them.  My previous experience was standing in the kitchen next to the toaster and warming up each wrap over the element.  This time I was able to sit comfortably and have this mini blow heater gently warm my wraps and fingers.  I also received a little manicure kit that provides all the tools to get a perfect Jamicure.

Of course the package also included all four of the new nail wraps designed by fellow Australian blogger So Nailicious.  The Geo French Twist design, with black and gold was by far my favourite and the one that I chose to put on.  The other three wraps are exactly the same design in other colour combinations.

I really like the design that Maria created, it's funky and chic and it is most definitely true to her style. But I would love to have seen four different designs, rather that four colours of the same design. Gosh, I can think of so many designs I'd love to see on a set of Jamberry's it not funny!

Jamberry products provided for consideration.

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