Wednesday, August 31, 2016

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The Polish Chrome Wars Part 8 - Multichrome edition

I have rubbed all sorts of things into my nails, and today I share with you the last of those things, the mutlichrome chromes.

There are some uber amazing looking multichrome chrome powders out there, and they come with equally uber amazing price tags.  I was mesmerized by the ones I saw on Simply Nailogical, Nails 21 Brand, but at 18.50Euro per colour, no thanks.  The Aora ones also look pretty amazing, but where to buy and how much.  I've also seen amazing results with duochrome powder from Didspade, but they no longer sell 1g samples, and their 5g samples are $35USD per colour. I nearly bought the SolarColorDust set of six mirror colours, but at $100 for the set I couldn't justify it. Glitter Unique sells Ultra Chrome Chameleon pigment for $11.50USD a gram but I don't know if that is the pigment that you rub in as all their photos are with it in polish. Australian shop The Nail Shop also stocks Chrome and Chameleon effect powders, and with the exception of the ones below, are the cheapest I've found at $12.65AUD a gram, the swatches and reviews sound very promising.

So what have I got here? I've go the cheap alternative.  The $1.99USD per colour version from the Born Pretty Store.  Let's jump right in and see what they look like. All these mulitchrome powders are shown over a black base of Dance Legend Glitter base, not gel.

#687 - Gold to green

#684 Teal to purple

#682 Purple to bronze

#681 Magenta to gold

#589 Gold to green to blue

#587 - Teal green to pink to purple

#585 - Gold to green

#583 - light blue to purple

I was pleasantly surprised with this chrome powders.  They did end up with a nice shiny multichrome finish after a good rubbing, but they do start out feeling a little gritty.  I'm not sure I can say they have that same smooth mirror look as the silver mirror powders I've been using.  These still have a slightly speckled sparkly appearance.  There are a few colours in this set that are very similar as well, where you can only tell the difference between them if you compared them side by side.

One thing I noticed was that these powders are all white or iridescent, with the exception of the first one (#687). The first gold one was also the one that provided me with the best mirror like finish. Other brands I've looked at, like Nails 21 and the pigments from Didspade and SolarColorDust, the actual powder is coloured.  So they are definitely a different thing.  Maybe I'll cave in a buy one of those other brands just so I can compare, but for now, these are pretty good for the price point.


  1. Hello! Did you cover nails with topcoat?

    1. Not for these swatches I didn't. But I did for the gold one that I wore and I used a water based top coat.

  2. I've been wanting to order these! They look great!

  3. The ones by Glitter Unique are FABULOUS!! I would consider these multi chrome, as they change into 3 to 4 colors depending on the angle. Spectraflair4U sells the exact same colors as well,& I burnished them onto a non-wipe gel top coat!

  4. This is a slightly older post for you so you may or may not know this already but the Born Pretty Store does sell the colored powder chameleon pigments that match visually to the Didspade/Glitter Unique/SpectraFlair4u Ultra Chrome Chameleons. What I own are Didspade's. Assuming the BPS set offered is one gram each, the price is less- $6.88 USD per gram versus $11.50 USD. For a frame of reference, when Didspade did sell the 1 gram samples and I bought them, the price was still $7.65 per gram (USD).
    Beautiful pictures, dear- but then they always are.


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