Wednesday, August 24, 2016

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The Digital Dozen does birthday's

It's birthday time again at the Digital Dozen and this time around there are two to celebrate.  Amanda from Lady Maid Nails and Tamara from Canadian Nail Fanatic. Happy Birthday girls.  Together they chose this crazy pop art image for us to all interpret as nail art.

I thought it would be easy peasy, but it was actually really difficult.

I did these on a stamping mat using a bunch of different stamps and then cutting out bits of each of those decals and sticking them on top of each other.  the orange starbursts and the text were done freehand, as well as the line around the dots.

I like that the image had four characters, so I could put on on each nail, although it would have been awesome if its say POW, cause then I could have used the Bundle Monster plate with that on it.


  1. I love yours, and yes this prompt ended up way harder than I could have imagined!

  2. Are you participating and hosting an in-linkz for the 31 day challenge again this year?

    Nanna //

    1. Absolutely I am, infact I really should do a quite update post so readers know what is going on. I've set up the inlinkz already with the 2016 codes here. Does that mean you are participating? I sure hope so, it's always more fun with more people participating.

    2. Of course I am! It's always super fun!


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