Saturday, August 6, 2016

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Yellow and silver nail art ideas

Only two months left on the year long challenge and this week the colour theme is yellow and silver and my personal prompt was water spotted or water marble.

I chose water marble cause I'm now the boss of watermarbles!  I started with a base of a silver holo polish, Color Club Harp on It, but I decided it wasn't holo enough, so I rubbed some holo powder into it. I then did a standard water marble using Pipedream polish On the list and my own Paws polish clear.  I was even brave this time and shoved all four nails into the water at one time.  I did this on my right hand too.  But then I still had to do a marble for each thumb, which instead of using up a whole bunch of polish for just one finger at a time, I did the marble in a tiny little shot glass with only about 6 drops of polish.  It was just the right size for each thumb.

I quite like these photos, although I have to say this wasn't my favourite look on the nail, something about it just didn't look as good in real life.


  1. Love the color theme this go round - and your photos are awesome! It's funny how we're usually saying "these look better in real life" - and this one was the opposite for you.

  2. Well, the photos look amazing!


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