Tuesday, January 24, 2017

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Stamping decals with Pretty Serious Type 40

Another mani from the archives here, which was done way back before I broken my foot and ankle.  I don't actually recall what I was trying to create here other than I did a bunch of stamping decals an just coloured them in.

This is a image from an Emily de Molly plate if I recall correctly, and for some reason I feel like they have an Egyptian feel to them. I'm not sure why, but the blue reminds me of the Nile river and the other bold colours just give me that vibe. I did all ten nails with this design and it sure was an eye catching look.

I've not done any complex nail art like this for a while, so I really need to get back into it a bit. I've also got so many draft posts of nail art and swatches I've done over the last two months that I just can't be bothered to write up about.  I think I need to dedicate a day to writing up blog posts so I can just get this stuff published. 

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