Friday, January 13, 2017

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Digital Dozen does Decades - 1980s cassette tapes and ghetto blasters

Welcome to the end of the week. I've got to keep it short tonight as I still have a bunch of things to do this evening. Tomorrow is my daughters 6th birthday, plus her birthday pool party with 20+ kids attending. So much food to prep and still so much cleaning before people get here. 

To make the cleaning worse we had a massive wind storm this afternoon which up rooted trees everywhere and caused major havoc.  Our backyard, which was looking pretty good for the party now looks terrible. There is debris everywhere and there are so many pine needles all through the pool. Now we will have to sweep the entire paving area and vacuum the pool again, which isn't something we scheduled in for our morning.  

We still have to pick up the balloons and the cake. This year I decided not to bake a cake (which is the first time ever!) and instead I've ordered an ice-cream cake in the party theme.  It should be perfect for the 30+ day.  At least the party wasn't today, cause it reached 39.6 Celsius today before the storm came through.

So much for keeping it quick hey!

Onto my last mani for the Decades weeks and today it's the 1980s. I've gone with some neon stamping together with cassette tapes and a ghetto blaster. These are such things of the 80s and my childhood! Cassette tapes were so awesome, being able to instantly record and playback things seemed such awesome technology at the time!


  1. So fun! Love the gradation in that design!

  2. This is the perfect 80s mani. I hope your daughter has an amazing time at her party
    Tracy xx

  3. cheers to sitting around all night trying to record your favourite songs without getting the announcer on the tape!!! Love these!

  4. Cool nails and hope the party was a success!

  5. These nails are so cool! The stamping is awesome! Hopefully the party went well too!

  6. Fantastic mani/design!

  7. Lots of happies and wishes to your kiddo! I've been following all the cakes years down and will miss seeing ur hand baked creation.
    I can't even imagine how much you've been through your accident. I had a severe back pain 2 days ago and m on bed rest since but it's driven me crazy and my back is killing me. Doc says it should be ok in 2-3 days. And my first thoughts were about u. Hope u recover real quick! 😘


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