Thursday, January 19, 2017

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Picture Polish Bluebird

Now where did that last week disappear to? As usual it was a crazy busy one. My daughter had her birthday last Saturday, so as per usual, we had a pool party. It was fantastic weather for the party, about 31 degrees. The pool was warm, we had an ice cream cake and the kids all had a ball!  What was different this year was that I didn't get to do any birthday nails for the occasion. I simply had a gold holo glitter polish on.

I was totally exhausted on Sunday, I had definitely over done it in the three days prior. I am still suppose to be non weight bearing on my foot, but for those few days I was hobbling around in my cam boot as I just had too much to get done. I felt like I might have done more damage to it, but after a few days rest it was feeling ok again. I go back to the hospital tomorrow for my 6 week post op check. My X-rays should give me the ok to start walking with doctors approval.

I've had this mani stored in my draft folder for a few months now. I think I actually wore it back in spring before I broke my foot and ankle. The blue polish is Picture Polish Bluebird and I teamed it up with some MLV water decals. Bluebird is a corn flour blue polish with a pink and blue micro fleck shimmer and the fine bijou holo pigment found in other picture polish shades. It's like the sparkly version on swagger.

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