Tuesday, February 28, 2012

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Lynnderella - Cauldron Drippings

I'm not sure if one really should wear orange polish outside holiday periods, but let me tell you, I totally rocked this bright orange number at work on Monday.  My outfit was black pants and a black top, very office appropriate, then these most awesome nails.  They certainly were attention grabbers.

This is Lynnderella Cauldron Drippings from last years Early Halloween collection.  I'm still enjoying sporting the matching base colour with all these polishes.  This time I chose Kleancolor Metallic Orange, one coat.  Two coats of Cauldron Drippings, glitter tamer and then Seche Vite

Lynnderella say's that Cauldron Drippings is "the first random glitter: every bottle is intentionally different. But basically oranges in an sparkling orange base, plus whatever happens to be in the cauldron at the moment."

I just couldn't pick which macro shot to show, so what the hell, I'll put both in.

I don't believe it needs to be said, but I will say it anyway.  Legend - wait for it - dary!


  1. This is the Lynnderella polish I most desperately want to get my hands on! I absolutely love this one above all others! I am a halloween junkie, so I have a particular fondness for orange, purple and black. You do a brilliant job of the photo's - I really struggled to get a good shot of my last mani with a pearly finish, even with my husbands help!

  2. I love this polish so much. Looks good over black too!

  3. You really are rockin' this mani

    LOL at the legend ary - love that show

  4. I'm with Bubble Designs... this one is my biggest lynderella lemming. I especiially love the little bits of purple sprinkled throughout it... I hope when I finally get my hands on one that my bottle includes them.

  5. *phew* I need a smoke after that one....♥

  6. Well look at that. You're capable of even making my least favourite colour look good. Looks great on you!

  7. That's cool that they are all different, that makes them even more special. Great colour for Halloween!

  8. Aaaaah, I love it! This is my all-time favourite Lynderella.. one day, I will get my hands on it! One dayyyyy~!

  9. boy i just love that polish i reckon a coat of goulish glow and it will be perfect for halloween this year. i must get me some!!!maybe when they are all back in stock?

  10. I would really love to have this! im all about glitter polish! just where might i purchase it??!!


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