Tuesday, February 21, 2012

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Lynnderella - Lucky Numbers

Yes, it's another Lynnderella polish today everyone.  This is Lucky Numbers and it has red and black glitter squares and hexagons in a milky clear base with a gorgeous red /gold duochrome shimmer.

I swear that my bottle of Lucky Numbers looks totally different to the one on Lynnderella's blog site. Her bottle shot is very black, with sparkles of red glitter and a fair bit of red and black bar glitter. Her's also looks opaque black (with some red glitter) at three coats. This was two coats, quite scattered with glitter and it is certainly predominately red, not black.

But, having said that, that's what I think is really cool about Lynnderella polishes.  They are hand made and you are guaranteed that your bottle will be unique and not exactly like anyone else's bottle anywhere.

As you can see below, my bottle also settles a little, so I needed to make sure I shook it up real good so I got some lumps of glitter onto the brush.

Now I don't know why, but this polish reminds me of playing cards. 

I think it's the whole combination of of the name and the mix of red and black glitters which reminds me of the four suits. Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds and Spades.  Image how much you'd own the poker table if you rocked up sporting these Lucky Number nails.

This angled sun shot shows that beautiful gold duochrome shift that the red micro shimmer holds.

On this macro you can see the little red shimmer particles over the glitter.

For the record, this was two coats layered of Ulta3 Lily White, topped with glitter tamer and Seche Vite. T

his one very cool polish.  I don't think this version would get opaque on it's own, it's definitely a layering polish. If I could just get more of the bar glitter out of the bottle, it would be kinda like a black and red version of Connect the Dots. 


  1. My bottle looks like yours and I was really weirded out when I got it since it looked so different from the pics on her site. After I used it, though, I didn't care. It's really beautiful. I love the shimmer.

  2. Different and certainly eye catching. I agree with what you say about the polishes being unique but wonder if perhaps the pictures on the link you gave us might be mislabeled in some way. Enjoying all your swatches of the Lynnderellas

  3. My favorite part about this nail polish is the shimmer, and you captured it perfectly!

  4. Your bottle looks very different to the one on the website! That's so strange. I get the playing card feel too. The bottle looks like all the suits are flying around in the air or something. Very interesting polish!

  5. Its so pretty I really love this one and yes it reminds me of a playing card..


  7. Where could we take this brand with my friends really like their turkey


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