Thursday, February 23, 2012

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Lynnderella - Forget you not

Set your phasers to drool everyone.  Check out today's beauty!  This is Lynnderella Forget You Not and it is the most glorious shade of blue EVA!!

I am so happy with the choice of undies I picked for this.  This is one coat of Picture Polish Denim layered with two coats of Forget you not.  It's so pretty, so so so pretty.  Really, it's very very very pretty. OK.

I love that this glitter isn't so metallic and blingy.  The glitter pieces are much more muted, not matte finish, but more of a satin finish glitter. 

Forget You Not is made with multi-sized periwinkle hexagons, but what makes it so much more special than just a regular glitter polish is this pink and blue sparkly shimmer in a very lightly tinted blue base.

I saw swatches of this polish over at Sparkly Vernis, where she did the most beautiful french tip gradient.  I told her in the comments that I was going to copy that design, and I did.  Mine is a little different to hers, she didn't put any glitter on the tip, which I clearly did - and later regretted.  I had too much polish on my tips with the base colour, tip colour and glitter that I had massive shrinkage and a bit of wrinkling.  But I was still really happy with the final look.

This combo is two coats of Bourjois Rose Lounge, french tips in Picture Polish Denim and gradient in Lynnderella Forget you not.

People, I notice there are a quite a few ebay listings popping up for Lynnderella polishes, they are selling for ridiculous prices and quite frankly it pisses me off. 

Yes I get the whole free enterprise system, but I'm pissed that these people are making huge profits when the creator of the polishes is not benefited!  What pisses me off even more is when I see listings that steal bloggers photos.  For nails I've recognised, I've emailed those ladies, but if you own Lynnderellas and have posted pictures on the Interwebs, I urge you to check listings to ensure they are not stealing your pictures.  Report them and have the listings removed!

Also, please don't be stupid and pay these ebay scalpers ridiculous prices for these polishes, this just feeds the problem.  Lynnderella is an amazing woman who is working her arse off, hand making polishes so that anyone who wants one will get the opportunity to buy them.  If you want to join the orderly cue for Lynnderella polishes, send an email to  The Llarowe shop is managing a wish list order fulfillment process which will see patient ladies getting their Lynnderella wishes.

And to quote Lynnderella on this one "People who are on the Lovely-is-as-Lovely-Does Frequency will probably find themselves most successful in completing orders."


  1. ohhhh that gradient is hot! yet another lynn i am now lemming! aaaah!

  2. I'm loving the gradient too!

  3. that gradient manicure is the best manicure i've ever seen, makes me wish i hadn't got rid of my denim now lol. and i'm sure forget you not is on my wish list at lynnderella's

  4. Even your brother thought the gradient shots were really cool!!!!

  5. when I first saw forget you not, I was like meh... Now I must have it! you did an amazing job! this looks fantastic!

  6. That french tip gradient is amazing!!! Now I have yet another Lynnderella lemming.

  7. Those Linderela nail polishes are kiling me, they are all so unique!
    The degradé nails ara fantastic, congratulations.
    From PrettifyourNails

  8. Both manis look really cool. I especially like the French tip gradient! :)

  9. drooling over the french tips beautiful

  10. Love this one on you! So gorgeous. x

  11. ♥♥♥ that gradient is so good ♥♥♥

  12. Oh my! I'm so flattered :) loving your version of it!!

  13. There is no doubting your gradient is superb.
    What is not nice is the news about the ebay sellers who are using photos that are stolen from other people. That is down right dishonest and makes me mad. We find greed everywhere hence those who want to make profit anyway they can. At least they should have a tiny bit of integrity and use their own photos on ebay.
    Thanks for sharing how people can slowly and surely buy these great polishes without being ripped off.

  14. AMEN to the e-bay comment! If you choose to order from llarowe, be gentle. I love your gradient! I wasn't droolingover this one as much as others, but you ruined THAT, lol!!! Thanks!

  15. The basic swatch was already gorgeous, but that gradient is just amazing!


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