Saturday, December 10, 2011

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Ludurana - Reluz multichrome

Ludurana Reluz from the Aurora Boreal collection is a blue to purple to pink shifting multichrome.  I google translated Reluz, and it came back with 'glitter', which I thought was a bit odd for a mulitchrome polish.  A holo called glitter, absolutely, but a multichrome? Brazilian readers, is that translation correct? Does Reluz mean Glitter?

Anyway, this is another fantastic polish with a very noticeable colour shift.  This was two coats, no base or top coat as I did this as a swatch, not a NOTD.

Anyone that knows their Ozotic multichromes will immediately notice that Reluz has the same colour shift as Ozotic 506.  But again it's in the polish opacity where these Ludurana polishes are different, and in my opinion, totally awesome.

Now I've just realised how lazy I was and I didn't even caption this comparison  photo to tell you what was what.  Sorry about that!  This comparison shows:
  • Index: Reluz one coat over black
  • Middle: Ozotic 506 one coat over black
  • Ring: Reluz two coats
  • Pinky: Ozotic 506 three coats.

So just like I reported with the green multichrome Admirável, I love how you can wear this polish on it's own and not have to layer it over black if you don't want to.  You do get a slightly stronger multichrome effect over black, but you still get a very good multichrome shift just wearing the polish on it's own.

But, again I suffered some bubbles with this polish.  What gives! I never get bubbles.  I haven't seen anyone else complain of them, so maybe it was the weather, maybe it was me.  I will report back another time when I wear this as a NOTD to see if I got bubbles.

BTW: I was just re-reading this post before putting it live and noticed a spelling error that the spell check didn't pick up for me, and rightly so.  But, note to self: ensure you type shift correctly, as these polishes do not have a great colour shit!


  1. Reluz means lustrous shine. I think glisten is the word you're looking for. Gorgeous polish btw! Can't wait to get mine!! :)

  2. Gorgeous, I love it. Do you know of a website that sells this brand? I live in the US and I "NEED" these!

  3. I had to post again to let everyone know--FOUND these at llarowe. Happy holidays to all.

  4. You're the Multichrome queen! Your Polish stash is awesome, this is lovely. Roll on January when I have some money to waste :-)

  5. Great comparisons again, the opacity on the Luduranas is tempting....must stay strong!!!

    hahaha, didn't even notice your spelling error

  6. Ha! Nice shift but I like the ozotic over black better.

  7. I have this one, too... it's funny for me, as a Brazilian, see these polishes there... they look so pretty on you!
    Esmaltes, Make-Up & Cia.


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