Tuesday, December 13, 2011

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Easy Nail Art Stamp revisited with baseball nails #4

I posted about these soft nail art stamps back in March. If you've read that post you'll see that I didn't have much luck using them.  I received a follower request asking me to do a follow up review.  So here goes.

We had another home series with the baseball on the weekend, so I had to think of something new to do with my nails.  I've already done Cavalry Nails #1, Cavalry Nails #2, Cavalry Nails #3.  This seemed like a perfect time to pull out the baseball soft nail stamp.  I chose to do a very simple design with one colour, just to see if I could get it to work.  The bats as an accent nail on one hand and the ball as an accent nail on the other hand.

There is now a lot more information available on the interwebs about this product.  It's generally known as ENAS, which stands for Easy Nail Art Stamp. I have also watched a number of video tutorials and read other people's reviews, so I felt much more prepared to attempt this again.

Here are my two stamps.  I just used konad special polish in black, painted over the design lightly then blotted it off on paper.  It hardly used any polish, certainly no more than a regular konad design anyway.

Here is my first transfer, photo taken imediately after application before top coat.  I was so freaking happy because the design came out perfect!!

And now the ball on the other hand.  Yep, it was pretty much perfect too!

Here is my final look.  I wore JOSS brand polish in Wipe Out, which is a bright neon orange creme.  I then layered one coat of JOSS Duotone Pink Sparkle.  It was so amazingly bright, retina searing bright!.  The duotone top coat shifted from pink to orange, so depending on the angle my nail were either slightly pink toned, or flaming hot glowy orange.  I topped everything, including the stamp, with a coat of Seche Vite.

And now something special for you today, a picture of my right fingers.  Rarely seen, these nails are nearly always shorter and with filed away sides where they peel.  But at least this proves that I'm not a one armed mutant. 

I've since done another really cute design with another of my ENAS, although again it's only a single colour stamp.  I will share that tomorrow, along with some tips of what I have now learned my use of ENAS.  This weekend I am definitely attempting a multi coloured stamp design.


  1. Ooh - thanks for this! I have been wondering about these.

  2. These have a little learning curve but are cool...I've done the multicoloured one too...you have to be quick or they dry but it does work!

  3. I saw these a while ago and recently have seen a lot of them on ebay. I might have to try a couple of th em just to see how they work. Thanks for the post!

  4. Good job!!
    I'm a manufacture of these products in Korea.
    For using multi colors, please see below link.
    I hope it will be helpful to you. ^^

  5. Thanks!
    Where did you get the stamps?

  6. I want to try them too but I dont see them on ebay I dont know what to type in search!!

  7. Thanks for the follow up. I cant seem to get traditional plates to work for me so I ordered two similar to this from born pretty store. Glad you got them to work for you, you give me hope :)


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