Saturday, December 31, 2011

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Happy New Year Chromey goodness

Happy New Year to everyone.

I have HUGE plans for this evening.  As a mum of a a 3 year old and a nearly 1 year old, I'll be in bed by 10:30, I'll sleep in the new year and be up at around 6:30.  I'm such a partly animal aren't I!

Despite my plans, I did put on something with a bit of zing.  This is an older polish. Sally Hansen Canary Diamond Chrome Nail Makeup.  For some stupid reason, I never got China Glaze Millennium (I only got 2030), thinking I had a good enough silver chrome.  This is nice, but I don't think it has as much of a mirror finish as Millennium.

This was only one coat over Orly bonder.  I like Orly bonder as a base for chrome polishes because it leaves a really shiny base.  Chrome polishes always show every imperfection in the nail, so a nice shiny base helps it be smooth and glossy.


  1. So great!!
    I wear the same color on my nails!! But not the same brand ^^

  2. i have the *exact* same ny plans as you!

  3. They need to bring Millennium back...there seems to be such a high demand for it! Looks great tho!

  4. Happy New Year Cathy! hehehe, my plans would have been pretty much the same too except I worked

  5. I'm going to come right out and say it: I'm still scared of putting on chromes :(


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