Wednesday, December 21, 2011

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Ludurana - Maravilhosa holographic

Bad luck comes in threes right?  I'm officially up to five, the last straw for me on Tuesday night was breaking a nail!  Damn it! I'm now totally nubbinized with the shortest nails I've had for a few years.

I've noticed a few girls sporting nubbins at the moment.  Maybe it's cause of the time of year when we are all rushing around to get things done.  I certainly know that is the case for me.  I broke the nail on my car steering wheel.  And you know what, I seem to break a disproportionate number of nails somehow relating to my car.  Closing the door is a doozie for me, when you fingers slip off the door at the tip and flick, there goes one or two nails!

These aren't my nubbins, this is a swatch I did two weeks ago.  This is Ludurana Maravilhosa.  Google translates Maravilhosa to 'Wonderful', but surely it means 'Marvelous' (Damn it, now I have that Twelfth Man song in my head - if you know the song I mean then your a true Aussie who's getting a bit long in the tooth!)

As you can see Maravilhosa is a blue toned light pink holographic polish with a chrome metallic base.

The formula for this was OK, but again I got some small bubbles on a few fingers.  

Here is a shade comparison photo with Maravilhosa, Ozotic 516 and Hits Hestia.  All three of these polishes are very very similar.

Quick, off to finish my current mani.  Good night and I hope none of you break a nail!


  1. The Brasilian market of nail polish is getting better everyday.

  2. Yesterday my pinky nail caught on something and ripped. It wasn't below the quick, so I'm not that upset. That stuff hurts! I don't always cut all my nails if one breaks, but I decided to last night. it definitely is nubbin time of year!

  3. A great pink!!
    I really love it!

  4. I broke my nails too): So I can empathise! I tagged you in my Top 10 award!

  5. Gorgeous as usual - wow, the pink holos are really similar

    Sending fast nail growth vibes!

  6. I've got nubs too. They are slowly growing out tho, very slowly. :(

  7. 'Tis the season of the Nubbins
    Fa la lala lah, lala la lah! :)

    I think you're right - we are all moving too fast for our own good! Very pretty polish - so feminine!

  8. It's absolutely nubbin time of year!!! I had to chop mine down last week too :(

  9. Cool!
    By the way, "maravilhosa"does mean wonderful =P

  10. Sorry you broke a nail :(
    That is a great color! Love holos!

  11. This Mani is great looking... it's really wonderful like the nail polishe's name

  12. This Mani is great looking... it's really wonderful like the nail polishe's name


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