Thursday, December 29, 2011

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Picture Polish Splendour flakie cover

Today I have another brand new flakie cover from Picture Polish.  This little beauty is called Splendour and it's really gorgeous. 

I think Splendour is made up of orange and green irregular shaped flakes of various sizes, but because it is has a strong duochrome colour shift that shows green, red and yellow, it's really hard to tell what colour the flakes are because it changes all the time.

I found the flakies to be more dense in this polish than Festival, which is awesome. It meant I didn't have to go fishing for the flakes, they came up on the brush easily.  This also had a very smooth finish, you could get away with no top coat as it's super shiny.  These photos show two coats of Splendour over black and one coat of Seche Vite top coat.

Colour wise, I thought this may be similar to Nubar 2010 (and Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure) and it's true that the colours are the same. But Splendour seems to have the addition of some green flakes, whereas 2010 really only has the orange flakes that shift to green.  The flakes in 2010 are also smaller.  I actually really love them both, but I think I slightly prefer the larger flakes in Splendour because they sparkle more.

This polish looks like it would be similar to the new Finger Paints 'Flashy' polish, but again I think it only has the red flakes, not the extra green ones.

Here you can see the green shift of both polishes, but also how the green flakes in Splendour go slighly blue toned.

This is another totally awesome polish from the girls a Picture Polish.  Correct me if I'm wrong but I think these are the first flaky polishes from an Australian brand. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie .... Yeah, you go girls!  These polishes are a total winner.  

These cost $11.90 and are available from Picture Polish.  Ladies outside of Australia may think that $11.90 is a bit pricy.  But here in Australia, where OPI retails for $20, Chanel for $39 and Revlon for about $12, this is a comparatively pretty good price still, especially for a flakie that is otherwise only available from Inglot or Nfu Oh for close to $20.


  1. Amen! I hate when people complain about $10 polish being so expensive! And I must say, hats off to Pictire Polish for creating a green and orange flakie that different!

  2. Gorgeous flakies! I yet have to find a good one in Italy :(

  3. It's comparatively cheap... but I find it hard to justify buying $100 worth of nail polish every month. I wonder if it's possible to buy flakes and DIY...?

  4. Nice, thanks for comparing the nubar - looking forward to seeing their Hypnotic flakie if you have it

  5. yay, i have this on order along with festivale and hypnotic - super excited. 2012 is the Year of the Flakie !!! :)

  6. wow
    I could never imagine that nail polishes are so expensive there
    20 for OPI?
    You must me kidding me


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