Wednesday, December 14, 2011

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Who walked over my Power Thief

Here is another really cute design that I did using ENAS soft nail art stamp number A15.

I wanted an earthy colour as the base and my brand new bottle of Cult Nails Power Thief was just the right base.  Its a chocolately brown with a silver shimmer, but there is also the tiniest bit of a pink shimmer too.

The stamp I used has two sizes of the paw print, so I just chose to use the small one.  This took a while to do because I did each paw one by one, but the effect was really cute.  My thumb was also stamped, but I forgot to include that in my photos.

I'm so glad I gave ENAS another go.  With a bit of practice, I'm feeling much happier with the results.  Multi coloured design here I come, but tonight I putting on my first Christmas mani for a work Christmas do tomorrow.  So I'm off to look at all your blogs to get inspiration about what to put on.


  1. I love the cat print...

  2. The base color is amazing but the prints makes it more fun :)

  3. Looks so cute!

  4. lol, same thing happened to me once, love the mani :-D

  5. I love the paws! And the base color is amazing.
    Where can I get these ENAS plates?

  6. Very cute and lovely background colour. I read the title while the page was loading and thought ... what the? Now I understand LOL

  7. This is an awesome mani!! The base color is stunning, and so flipping fun!

  8. I seriously love this one- the white on the brown is a perfect contrast too :D


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