Tuesday, April 24, 2012

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Holo diamonds

The sun was out on the weekend, so I grabbed my holos again and played around with one of the temporary tattoo designs I had printed.

This one didn't quite turn out how I had imagined in my head.  On the paper these were beautiful enlarged brilliant cut diamonds that showed all the facets in different shades of grey.  But on my nail they look more like star bursts or shards of glass or something?!?.

I'm not going to call it a fail, just different to what I had imagined.  This photo in the shade shows the shades of the faceted diamond better, which seems to get lost amongst the holo.

Still, it was something fun to spice up a holo polish, especially indoors.  Cause sometimes holos can look a little uninteresting indoors when they aren't flashing all the colours around.


  1. I just don't have words, really PERFECT. Congratulations

  2. Love your tattooed manis, it's a pity it didnt turn out how you expected but pretty nonetheless :-)

  3. I think if you did just a sparkle or chrome polish with the diamond pattern it would translate better. As you pointed out, it's that the holo hides the subtle shading, which gives it the starburst/glass shards look. I really love how it looks, so perhaps in the future you can experiment with a blue holo and silver stamp to purposely go for a star?

  4. That is a neat design, though! And you can never go wrong with holos!

  5. AMAZING! I love these Holos

  6. So neat! Kind of reminds me of snowflakes!!!


  7. They do look more like star bursts but it's still very pretty! The holo is overpowering the lighter shades of grey. Maybe if all the lines were in that darker shade or black it could work? :)


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