Thursday, April 5, 2012

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Lynnderella - Happy Holo Daze!

Happy Holo Daze! everyone.  Sure, I know it's not Christmas, but it is the Easter holiday's ok.

This here is the last Lynnderella I have to show you.  I know some of you thought I had a magic Mary Poppins bag full of Lynnderella polishes that would never end, but sadly the saying is true, and all good things do come to an end.

But if my run of Lynnderella's had to end, wow what a polish to finish on.  Happy Holo Daze is chock full of different sized and shaped red and green glitter, as well as gold holo hexes and bars and small silver holo squares.

Here I have two coats of Peripera Crystal Gold with two dabbled coats of Happy Holo Daze!  I was able to press down and smooth out all the glitters in the polish while it was dry on top, but still squishy beneath and I actually left it without top coat when I went to bed.  In the morning I applied a coat of Ulta3 non chip and a layer of Seche Vite and it was glassy smooth.

I had a lovely lady comment today that my nails looked like opals from where she was standing. It was such a wonderful compliment as I thought my nails were just screaming Christmas.

Well, that's all the Lynn's folks! I'll be back with just good old regular polishes, as I have accumulated quite a pile of untrieds in the few months I have been wearing nothing but Lynnderella's.  But I am looking forward to removing nail polish the normal way and not having to wrap up in foil in acetone!

But I also will continue to post other Lynnderella mani's when I try different laying combinations.


  1. This is The Perfect Christmas polish!:D LOVE IT!

  2. One of the best! This polish combines my favourite colors and is amazing on the nails!

  3. lovely glitter! reminds me a lot of christmas! I love how full it is of different sorts of glitter love it!!

  4. Very it !!!

  5. Gorgeous! It really does scream Christmas! :)

  6. i want alll of lynnderelle nail polishes,but can't find them :( how can u buy them,from where? like it like it so muucchh!!!

  7. How do I get invited to her log??!!!! Please help I neeeeed to ey my hands on her polish!!


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