Monday, April 2, 2012

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Lynnderella - Chocolotta Love

When I first saw Lynnderella'a ChocoLotta Love, I knew instantly I needed it.  I mean look at this polish.  It's so unique and edgy that it's verging on weird, isn't it.  A chocolate brown glitter polish - hell yeah.

Did you guys read Scrangie's April Fools post about her new line of flavoured polishes.  Well if there ever were flavoured polishes, this would have to be one.  Can you just imagine what this one would taste like.  Clearly it's chocolate based, but the teal green bits would have to be mint chips. What what flavour would the red and purple bits be?

This was just one coat of ChocoLotta Love layered over Ulta3s new Cocoa metallic crush polish.  A match made in both colour and name heaven.

I really liked this, but over a perfectly matching base colour it doesn't totally blow you away.  After seeing swatches of it over gold, I'm going to have to revisit it again soon.


  1. Mint, cherry and grape pieces maybe? Yum! =D

  2. This is absolutely amazing! Should have been on my Llarowe wishlist - but now I know for next time!

  3. Mint, cherry and passion fruit! Mmmmmmmmmm. I'm wearing Cocoa today. :)


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