Tuesday, April 3, 2012

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Lynnderella - Very Pretty Vampire

When I was wearing the Picture Polish Opulence polishes over the weekend, I noticed that Monroe was the perfect match for me to wear as undies for one of the last three untried Lynnderella polishes I had.  That made the choice really easy as to which one I would wear next.

This is two coats of Very Pretty Vampire over one coat of Picture Polish Monroe.  I think I had two layers of top coat on, Ulta3 non chip and Seche Vite.  

I found this polish tricky to photograph, because the glitters are really quite dark.  I don't have a fancy light box (although Kristy's fridge shots make me think that might be an ok light box), and the only time for me to photograph my nails is at about 7:00am in the morning, just after sunrise. I feel my photos lack a bit of oomph!  This is such a pretty polish and I want to do it justice.

Geez I miss Lynnderella's blog where she details what is in each of these polishes, cause I liked to copy and paste her exact descriptions for you all.  But I also like the fact that she doesn't have the full list of glitters in these polishes up any more, cause it means the copy cat creators have to make dupes from photos and not her list of glitters.

I've only got one Lynnderella polish left untried *sad*  I'm wearing Attitude Adjust-mint today ready for tomorrow's post and I still have Happy Holo-daze to wear.  Happy Holo-daze is such a Christmassy combo I think I'm going to feel a little weird wearing it, but I tell you I can't leave it sit there untried until Christmas.


  1. Truly gorgeous combination

    The fridge light wasn't my idea but it does give some lighting even if it does come off really yellow

  2. I love this!! :-)

  3. Oh my god that is one yummy polish! And I think you're photos are fab!

    Love Aysh xoxo

  4. This is really pretty, I don't blame you for not waiting for Christmas to post Happy Holo-daze. I know I wouldn't wait :P

  5. I'm a sucker for purple and I adore the Lynnderella polishes you've featured, but this one is by far my favourite.

  6. I think your shade pics bring out the glitter really well!

  7. Oil those cuticles! Pretty polish job. :)

  8. This is the only Lynn I ever felt like I HAD TO OWN, and it came in the mail yesterday!!! First thing I noticed is that it's a glitter-bleeder, slightly disappointing. BUT it's so freaking gorgeous I can't be too upset. Mine looks quite a bit darker on than yours- do you think a lighter base color would help? I layered it over Zoya Ciara, and it's very pretty/shiny... but a bit murky. Finally, I can't get it smooth! I dabbed 2 coats over one coat of base color and my nails feel SO thick. The coat of SV plus a coat of Poshe don't help... any tips for applying Lynns??

    1. I've not checked my bottle of VPV for bleeding, I'm going to now...

      Ok back now...

      I definitely don't have any glitters that look like they lost their colour, my bottle looks exactly like it did 8 months ago. Maybe her glitter changed for other batches.

      I remember this did feel thick. I've not used Poshe before so I don't know how well it goes at filling out rough glitters. I find Seche soaks in a lot, but it dries everything so well. I use an Aussie brand top coat which is great at smoothing out glitters. I've also used Gelous before and had great results.

      This was definitely dark IRL, I remember having trouble photographing it cause the glitters were so dark.

      The polish I layered over is a jelly, so maybe that's why mine looks lighter.

  9. Where to order it without paypal?


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