Tuesday, April 17, 2012

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Holo rainbows using temporary tattoo paper

I have something very special today that I have not shown very often on my blog. No it's not that I'm using the temporary tattoo paper again (although I am).  The special thing I'm showing you.... is my right hand!!

I had be nursing a chipped corner on my ring finger on the left hand for about a week, and after filing my nails last night it came off and couldn't be reattached with super glue.

Kudos to you girls that swatch and post photos of both hands.  Let me tell you, I felt like a complete nuff nuff photographing my right hand.  My hand was twisted and fingers misaligned, and then trying to press the shutter button on the camera with my left hand resulted in many pictures with my hand shadowing the photo.  Anyway, enough about my cacky right handed pictures, let me tell you about what I did here.

Here is another design I did using the temporary tattoo paper, but this time as a full nail design.

I first put on two coats of Layla Mercury Twilight and then I cut out my tattoo paper in shapes to fit my nail.  I decided to curve the base of the design so it would hopefully have a neat finish at the cuticle.  I'm really happy how that part worked out, as it is much neater than trying to clean it up with acetone.

I did learn two new lessons applying the temporary tattoo this time. Number one, and evidenced on my pinky finger, was having fingers that were too wet when handling the paper.  What happened was, I picked up the cut piece and where my finger was wet, the paper soaked it up.  Then when I tried to remove the transparent backing, I couldn't separate it from that edge, instead the paper was just coming away.  So I then peeled the transparent backing off from the other end, but as soon as I did that, the end where it had already become loose from the paper curled up and stuck to it's self.

Lesson 1 - do not handle temporary tattoo paper with wet hands.

Lesson two is one that I learned on my index finger of the left hand.  Firstly as you can see on my left hand, I had to file this hand quite a bit after the break.  What I forgot to do after that was shorten the design so some of the red would show, but that's not what the lesson was.

You can see the bit of blue missing on my index finger, this was because there was a bubble in the paper after I had stuck the transparent piece to the printed piece.  This bubble torn slightly as I removed the backing, and then when I put water on the nail, some of the inkjet colour just ran and disappeared.

Lesson 2 - make sure there are no bubbles after applying the sticky transparent backing.

I also found that I got a neater finish at the tip of the nail if I filed the temporary tattoo paper off, rather than trying to removing it with acetone.  Even with acetone, it seems to take ages to dissolve and ends up just a sticky gloopy mess on the tips of you nail.

I'm planning to do a few more of these temporary tattoo designs over the next few weeks, but I still need to work through that drawer of untrieds.

Until next time all you polished lovelies!


  1. Cathy, that is incredible! Look at how true the holo is and then you still have highly pigmented primary colours. I think this would be a great way to do a strong bright red holo!

  2. I really love this technique!! infinite possibilities!

  3. very pretty! i love it!!!


  4. Awesome holo rainbows! Your right hand looks great. I find it so hard to photograph my right hand too! I'm looking forward to more of your tattoo nails. :)

  5. simply stunning! You have a really good knack at this!

  6. i've tried this technique too :) its really pretty and easy to do :) by the way did you already receive my nail mail?

  7. Wow, this is amazing!! Do you make the design on the tattoo paper or buy it already made like that?

    1. The tattoo paper is completely blank, I printed these designs with my ink jet printer.

  8. Where did you get the pattern to print out for this, please, and also the designs for the other temporary tattoo designs that you have done tutorials for?

    1. I just googled various images. I still have them all saved, so send me an email and tell me which ones you want and I'm happy to share them with you.


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