Tuesday, October 16, 2012

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Lynnderella - The garden of even

I've slowing been working my way through my Lynnderella Sweet Somethings for a Summer Solstice  collection, and I reckon I might just be able to wear them all before the southern hemisphere summer solstice in December!

This little stunner is The Garden of Even. This basically a magenta version of of I Don't Mean Rhinestones (except without the diamond shaped glitter). The magenta glitters are holographic and they glow with purple, blue and fiery orange flashes. Amazing, but a bitch to photograph.

I layered one dabbled coat of The Garden of Even over Ulta3 Sunset Pink and then layered several layers of topcoat. I just don't understand why some glitters dry really gritty and others don't, but take note that this one dries to a strong coarse sandpaper finish that would do a good job stripping paint.  I think I might have even used four coats of top coat to get the super glassy smooth finish.

Although I couldn't really tell because I layered this polish over pink, this polish has a tinted base, which I think it created from the intentionally bleeding glitter.  I seriously think I must be the only person in this crazy nail world that isn't completely freaked out by intentionally bleeding glitter.  I've gone into detail about it before, and as long as it is only a partial bleeder and its disclosed, then I'm ok with it.  

Of course only time will tell if this polish contains full bleeders or partial bleeders, and I will be completely shattered if, in a few months or years, this polish isn't still the same rich holographic magenta polish it is now - so lets revisit these intentional bleeders again in another year shall we?


  1. DROOL!!! <3 So gorgeous. One of these days I'll break down and buy some Lynnderella polish.

  2. Beautiful! I need to look into buying this color.

  3. Beautiful glitter! Shame about its sandpaperish qualities! It does look beautiful though, I hope you wore it for a day or two to make it worth it!

  4. I'm wearing this right now, over Zoya's Aurora, which is holographic and makes the Lynn look even MORE sparkly!

    **Sooooo pretty & damn near impossible to photograph!

  5. This is so beautiful. How do you manage to get Lynn's being in Canberra? I'd love to get my hands even on just one bottle, but being in Sydney, and the fact that she old sells on eBay now and doesn't ship internationally breaks my heart a little.


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