Friday, March 6, 2015

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The story of a lemming slayed

More fun with temporary tattoos, plus more Lacquistry, plus a lemming slayed = one mani that I really love!

Lets start with my feature nail, which I have used temporary tattoo gold chains to make it look like a golden pendant.  This polish is my slayed lemming.  Darling Diva Champagne Wishes and Holo Kisses.  I fell in love with it when I saw it on Lavish Layerings, damn you Jenny with gorgeous lemming creating swatches.  I very nearly managed to grab my own bottle from the last restock in about October last year, but I was out with the kids Saturday morning sports and didn't make it home in time.  

Then I nearly managed to win a auction for it through a facebook group when we were driving back from Queensland in November last year, but as were were in outback Australia I dropped out of phone range, and by the time I got back into phone range, the auction had closed and I'd been out bid.  

I then posted to some facebook groups that I was searching for it, someone came forward but then said they weren't comfortable sending polish internationally. Are you enjoying my sob story!

Then, jump forward three months, when someone in another Facebook group tagged me in a message and said I should check my 'others' folder for a Facebook message.  God damn stupid others folder!  I had five messages sitting there, two recent ones, but the other three were from last year, with one being nearly a year old!  Anyway, one of those older ones was from a little angel who said they had a bottle of DD CKHW that they would be happy to sell.  I replied (now three months later) hoping desperately that she still had the polish and I could convince her to sell it with my offer.  And yippee, she did!

The best part is that the polish lived up to my expectations.  It's a gorgeous soft gold holo with a strong gold metallic sheen and gold flake shimmer.  Good luck finding a bottle if you like the look of it!

The polish I paired it with was Lacquistry Tall Dork and Handsome, which is a dark red leaning purple version of Amazeballz.  Fantastically pigmented and this is just one coat with Seche Vite top coat. I then layered the same gold chain tattoos across my nails, and really loved the final look.


  1. Love the whole look! I know how it feels to put so much energy into trying to get a polish and failing, awesome that it finally worked out!

  2. I love this lemming story! I so understand your feelings )) And it's a beautiful polish, too.

  3. This is such an awesome mani! I'm so glad that you found it!! I'm glad it lived up to your expectations too because it is one of my fav polishes ever! And all of this is high praise from a gold lover like you! I just received a long time lemming this week that I never thought I'd get my hands on (Ninja Polish Strawberries n' Roses - I've wanted it for 2 YEARS and I've never seen it in any destash ever!). <3 <3 <3

  4. Beautiful mani! Love how the temporary tattoo pulls it together. I know what you mean about chasing after lemmings - I've been trying to get my hands on Crowstoes Phat Tuesday and keep missing it. Someday it will be mine!

  5. It's really gorgeous and I love your mani :-D

  6. Great story!

    I have a feeling your lemming may be partly my fault, as I remember exchanging comments with you about this polish, lol.

    Anyway I'd love to recommend a few more similar polishes
    - cupcake ornamentally my dear, similar style holo, quite nice
    - pahlish be true, nice yellow / golden holo, not extremely holo but very flattering
    - and the best: pahlish golden nougat, looks exactly like a holoed version of opi dazzled by gold, fantastic polish!

    1. Yes, I remember us exchanging comments about it too. But now stop it! my wallet can't handle it! Although all those polishes look stunning - are any of them still easy to get?

    2. Cupcake is in stock, pahlish golden nougat requires hunting.

  7. Glad to hear your lemming was slayed! It's on my w/l too; maybe I'll be lucky like you some day!

  8. Very nice idea. Love the chains motive.


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