Thursday, March 26, 2015

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Superchic Lacquer - Serendipity collection

Superchic Lacquer recently launched a new collection called Serendipity.  Unfortunately it sold out very fast, and then the next restock sold out fast too.  So I guess that starts to explain the beautiful gorgeousness that these polishes are.  I have 5 of the 8 colours from the collection to show you today, and if you sign up to Superchic lacquer updates through social media, you will be able to find out when these will be restocked again.

This collection is described by Jen from Superchic lacquer as Neon Dewy Day-glow cremes.  This is such a perfect description.  There are lots of indie brands coming out with neon cremes at the moment, but it's the 'dewy' shimmer that this collection has that is so pretty and sets them apart.  The collection also has a linear holo top coat, but I will be showing that to you in another post with some nail art.

There are lots of photos of these swatches, because I just really loved the collection.  Formula was pretty good.  I generally did three coats for all the polishes, although you could get away with two coats for opacity.  I was worried that the dewy shimmer might make the polishes look frosty and streaky, but as you can see there is not problems with that at all.

Cause & Effect. A cross between an tangy tangerine and pink grapefruit.

Dumb Luck - oh wow, look at this stunning green. Described by Superchic lacquer as a jaw-dropping most incredible retro green.  I can definitely see the retro style to this green and it reminds me of the plastic kitchen contains that were around in the 1950's

Happenstance - An over-the-top, hot popping bubblegum pink.

Pleasant Surprise  - a bright turquoise blue that also has that retro feel.

Synchronicity - I saved my favourite for last.  This is an amazing electrified grape purple.

The Serendipity collection from Superchic Lacquers are available from Wonder Beauty Products. Each polish is $10. For more information, make sure to follow Wonder Beauty Products on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


  1. What a pretty collection- I really like the finishes :-D

  2. The finishes of these polishes offer something a little different. I love how you paired the polishes with a matching midi ring.

  3. Nuce shades, I like the finish!

  4. This is such a great collection and they look awesome on you!!


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