Monday, March 23, 2015

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LED nail strips from OMG nail strips - Part 2

Firstly I would just like to thank everyone who commented against my last post.  I really appreciate your support and encouraging comments!

Now do you remember a week or so back when I did a review of the OMG LED nail strips.  Today I have my second mani created with the strips.  This time around I didn't use a gel top coat, instead I just used two coats of Seche Vite.

My base polish here is Darling Diva Champagne Wishes and Holo Kisses.  The stamping design is from JR-04.  I used some small holo gold round glitters from the Born Pretty Store to do some gliter placement on the nail with the LED light.  You can see the LED light area near the tip of the nail - it's the square bit were everything around it is round.

Application of the nail strip was much easier this time as I did it over my bare nail.  I was very happy with how thin and flat my finished nail still was.

The LED light works with Android phones with NFC, they also work with paywave machines and skylander portals.  But I also discovered a new device that sets off the LED light on these - the pass security scanner at my work.  I might have got a little excited when I saw my nail light us as I scanned my pass.  Yes, I was that girl who waited quietly in the emergency stair well until no one else was around so I could film my nail flashing against the scanner!

These LED light nail stickers are from OMG Nail Strips and are $5.99 per pack - each pack containing a single LED light nail sticker as well as other nail sticker that can be used together with the LEG strip.

Nail stickers provided for review.


  1. LOL, this post made me smile. Especially the video in the end XD beautiful mani in general too:D

  2. Love this manicure! the led light is cute!


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