Sunday, March 29, 2015

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Picture Polish Pharoah

Picture Polish Pharaoh is one of the newer releases from Picture Polish and it's a champagne gold scattered holo. With a polish called Pharoah, I was excited to use some stamping designs that I hadn't yet used, but really went with the theme.

The stamping images all come from Emily de Molly EdM08 plate. I love how fine the lines in the hieroglyphs stamping image is (plus that I actually managed to stamp it straight!) My index finger has Picture Polish Darcy and a gold Ankh nail charm from Hex nail charms.

Pharaoh is along the lines of the discontinued Ozotic 604, but it isn't a dupe.  The holo particles in this are finer than the original Ozotic 604 and Pharoah is sheerer and paler too. 

The reason the polish looks different in the swatch photos below and the nail art above is because of lighting.  The nail art was taken first thing in the morning with early morning warm light.  The below swatches were taken in the middle of the day with strong white day light.  I decided not to adjust either of them so show how different the polish can look depending on lighting.

I used three thin coats for the swatches below, topped with seche vite top coat.

This is a real 'me' shade, although it probably didn't tip Picture Polish Majesty off it's perch as my favourite gold Picture Polish shade.

Picture Polish Pharaoh is available from Picture Polish. International ladies may be able purchase through one of the many Network stockists if they have this in stock.


  1. Ohhhh absolutely wonderful nail art! Love the egiptian motive!

  2. Gorgeous polish and I love your mani :-D


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