Thursday, March 5, 2015

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Lacquistry - Blacquistry

I have another new polish that I bought from Lacquistry to show you today.  As I understand it, Jenna had waited a long time to create a black nail polish she felt was worthy of her calling it Blacquistry.  She believed this polish was it, and I have to totally agree. I don't think I've ever loved a black polish more.  

Blacquistry has a black base with plenty of that shiny pigment that you find in Amazeballz.  It's basically the black verison on Amazeballz, Redicilious, Inadverdant, Soulstice etc. The platinum gold particles make this look like a dark warm brown, but when you look closely you can see it really is black.

I was playing around with some more metallic tattoos.  These ones are from StapTats and I love how you can apply them to your nail and to your finger to continue the art work. I find the tattoos dont last very long on my fingers, not even a full day.  Although I have done a wear test of a few different brands of metallic tattoos on my arm if you guys are interested in seeing that.

Here is Blacquistry on it's own, shown in the sunlight to see how it sparkles.  It also looks less brown in the full sun.


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