Wednesday, April 29, 2015

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Reveal - Guess that polish - 5 year edition

It's time to reveal the answers to my Guess that Polish 5 year blog anniversary giveaway.

Lets get straight to the reveal.

Polish 1 - Nfu Oh #61

Polish 2 - Orly Lunar Eclipse

Polish 3 - Emily de Molly Moment of Impact

Polish 4 - Picture Polish Kryptonite

Polish 5 - Chanel Peridot

Polish 6 - Femme Fatale Veil of the Sirens

Polish 7 - JOSS Sudden Impulse

Polish 8 - Dance Legend Proturbance

Polish 9 - OPI You're so Vain-illa

Polish 10 - Ulta3 Earl Grey

So my conclusion is that I made this one way too easy!  A whopping 73% of you guessed every single one correct with 20/20 right.  And every single entrant score more than required 5/20 to go into the random draw to win a prize.  In fact, no one scored less than 12/20 so well done everyone.

Sadly I can't split the prize between all of you that guessed 20/20.  Postage would kill me, and you'd all end up with only about one polish each anyway! 

To select the winners I have done two random draws.  One with the entrants that guessed 20/20 and then one with all entrants.

Drum roll please.

Congratulations Nikki Rouse - winner from the 20/20 draw
Congratulations Ana Frankovic Jovovic - winner of the all entrants draw.

I have only just sent the winners and email. So please email me back within two days or I will draw new winners.


  1. Congrats to the winners and to all the participants for doing such a good job guessing the polishes! This was so much fun even though I didn't win - looking forward to the next one! Thanks!

  2. And there I was so proud of myself for guessing them all correctly! :D
    Thank you for making this so much fun and congrats to the winners.

  3. Congrats to the winners. I'd never have gotten them all right ;-)

  4. Ah I forgot to save my answers!! I'm 95% sure I got them all right though! Yay that's a win in itself 😂


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