Thursday, April 2, 2015

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Reverse leadlight stamping

The other day I was wearing a new shade from Picture Polish - Karma. After I'd worn it for the day I decided to stamp on top of it.  The problem was that the stamp design I chose ended up covering up most of the nail meaning I couldn't really see karma anymore.  So then I decided to make the most of it and try some reverse leadlight stamping.

What's reverse leadlight stamping.  Well first let me explain regular leadlight stamping.  This is when you have a white or light base and stamp with a dark colour. You then colour in the white base polish using sheer jelly polishes to create a leadlight effect.

Reverse leadlight stamping is when you start with a dark base and then stamp using white polish. You then colour in the stamped part, not the base colour to create the leadlight appearance.

I used four colours from the Dance Legend Aqurelle collection for my reverse lead light stamping.  The stamping image is from Emily de Molly plate EdM13.


  1. Seriously stunning mani. I do like it a lot :-D

  2. dang it lady STAHHPPPPP!!! I feel so inadequate lol <3

  3. dang it lady STAHHPPPPP!!! I feel so inadequate lol <3

  4. Sorry for the double post! I have no idea why it does that sometimes

  5. I love love love this. I never tire of leadlighting/ reverse leadlighting!

  6. So pretty! I need to try some leadlighting again!


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