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Guess that polish - 5 year edition

Brace yourselves ladies (and gentlemen) it's finally ready.  I have finally organized myself enough to bring you an amazing giveaway to celebrate my 5 year blogging anniversary last month.

First up I'm going to tell you about the incredible prize pool I have on offer thanks to the support of some AMAZING Australian polish makers.

Hit the bottle stamping polish - a set of 8 rainbow colours for stamping.  Check out my review of these Hit the Bottle polishes. Prize provided by Hit the bottle polishes.

Emily de Molly - Set of three multichrome flakie polishes and the new green holo called Enchanted Isle. Prize provided by Emily de Molly.

Dance Legend - Aquarelle Top coats, full collection of 12 mini bottle. See my review of the Aquarelle Top coats. Prize provided by me.

JOSS Metallic stamping polishes - all six metallic shades.  Prize provided by the Nail Super Store.

JOSS Bold Collection - set of six bright metallic shades. Check my review of the JOSS Bold Collection.  Prize provided by the Nail Super Store.

Messy Mansion Pro Stamper Set - comes with 10 stamper heads in different squishinesses, an XL holder and a priming block. Check out my review of the Messy Mansion Pro Stamper set. Prize provided by Messy Mansion.

Messy Mansion stamping plates - Your choice of four in-stock MM Series stamping plates.  Prize provided by Messy Mansion.

Picture Polish Limited Edition Vampy Chameleons - all six dark and moody shades. There are only just out and I've not worn mine yet, but stay tuned for my swatches.  Prize provided by Picture Polish.

Femme Fatale - Selection of 6 different shades. I don't even own any of these, and it's really hard for me to let them go.  Prize provided by Femme Fatale Cosmetics

Ok, so now it's where things get serious.  I'm not one to just let you fill in a form and try your luck, I like to make you work for the prize, plus I actually think it's kinda fun.  So just like I've done in the past, it's time to:


Below are swatches of 10 polishes, and your challenge is to guess each polish, by both brand and name.  At the bottom of the page is a form where you are to fill in your details, and the details of your guesses.

Polish 1

Polish 2

Polish 3

Polish 4

Polish 5

Polish 6

Polish 7

Polish 8

Polish 9

Polish 10

To make it a little easier, I have some clues for you.

I will tell you which brands I have included polishes from, in no particular order they are:

OPI, Femme Fatale, Emily de Molly, Picture Polish, Dance Legend, Ulta3, JOSS, Chanel, Orly and Nfu Oh.

Another clue is that I have selected one polish that was first shown on my blog from each six month periods I have been blogging. Eg there is one polish that was first shown on my blog during Jan-Jun 2010, another from July-Dec 2010, one from Jan-Jun 2011 and so on through all of 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

I recommend that you write down all your answers on a piece of paper first, then come and enter them into the google doc form below. That is much easier than trying to scroll up and down as you go. 

I've done this twice before and I'm always amazed by the number of ladies that manage to guess all correct brands and polishes.  This time its only 10 polishes, so I'm expecting quite a lot of you will get all of them right. 

The boring but important part.

This giveaway is run by More Nail Polish. Entry is open Internationally. Competition begins 12 April 2015 and ends 19 April 2015 at midnight AEST.  Entrants must provide their name and email address on the google form.  Each person may only enter once, but if you use your google account, you will be able to edit your responses once you have submitted up until the closing date. Duplicate entries for the same person will be deleted.

Any users posting comments on this blog post identifying polishes by brand or name will be deleted and disqualified from entering.

The entrant who correctly identifies the most polishes by brand and name will be the winner.  The highest possible score is 20/20 - one point for each brand and name for all 10 swatches.  If more than one person gets 20/20, these winners will be placed into a random draw to select the winners.

One additional winner will be drawn at random from all entrants who get more than 5/20 correct answers.

The prize pool will be split as I see fit to accommodate the potential number of winners. 

Following More Nail Polish is not a requirement, although I do pretty awesome fun things here so you might want to stick around.

Winner/s will be notified via email by April 26. Prizes must be claimed by responding within two days of the email being sent. Prizes will be forfeited if not claimed within two days.


  1. Wow, this seemed quite easy! All time periods match in my guesses, I take it as a good sign...
    But now I'm dying to know whether I got all the polishes right!)

    1. I think this might be the easiest one I've done so far, with being only ten and the clues with the times frames. Well done, I'll definitely let you all know which is which when it's all over.

  2. Congratulations of your fifth blogaversary.
    I have to ask if there's some mistake in order of polishes - photos are numbered, but not all numbers correspond the polish numbers (guess #5 is polish #10). Which is the order that we should follow when filling in the form?

    1. Just match up the name above the photo with the entry on the form. Eg the one at the top is polish 1 so enter your guess for polish 1 brand and Polish 1 name on the form.

    2. Will do so. Thank you for clarifying.

  3. This was immensely fun! I did 'guess that gold' before and won something, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed this time as well :) Congratulations on your 5th blog anniversary, Cathy! <3

  4. Sincere congratulations for the 5th birthday of your blog!
    I am following you trough blogloving from more than a year I think... I'll try to do my best to participate ^_^

  5. Wow such a great competition! I'm hopeless at this sort of thing though! :-|

    Congrats on 5 years :-D

  6. SUPER fun!!! Congrats on your 5th anniversary, that's INSANE! Thanks so much for the awesome distraction!

  7. Congratulations of 5 years! It's interesting doing this and seeing how your blogging has changed over the years, your photos improve over the years and even the commentary on the polishes does too

    There's 3 of these that I knew without looking them up, but some of them are quite tricky, the silver holo for example! They all look the same after staring at them lol, and some of my guesses I have two polishes for, so I need to narrow it down. I suspect I won't be getting 20/20

  8. Congratulations!!! Five years, wow! Looking through the archives it's amazing to see how you've grown! This was really fun, almost like a puzzle... I made a chart on paper and all my guesses match up with the dates, so I'm really hopeful! This past week has been really hard for me, because last week I had an accident with a belt sander and lost part of my right index finger, along with that nail, which won't grow back. This giveaway has given me a fun activity to do while I heal both physically and emotionally, and encouraged me to paint my nails again, which really made me happier than I'd been in days. So thank you, thank you, thank you for this and I'm really, really hoping I win! Good luck everyone!

  9. Congratulations with your Blogiversary!
    And thanks for this awesome giveaway! Even if I got them all wrong, it was such a fun to participate! 3 of the polishes were really recognizable from the first sight, but I had to surf your blog for some others. Ulta 3 was the hardest for me, since I am not familiar with the brand (living in Russia). But, being a Russian, I recognized Dance Legend immediately ))

  10. Aaww, I'm behind on my RSS feed, so just got to this post now. I was looking forward to trying it out, but realised the time is up :p
    But CONGRATS on five years! Incredible :)

  11. Some of these were really tricky. Congrats on 5 years! I can't seem to make it 5 days blogging, hahah. Thank you for the competition! I think I may have entered twice, but it would be under the same name and e-mail so it may have just edited my responses? I'm not sure, because when I came back the form was empty rather than saying "thank you for submitting" or whatever. So if there are two there it's not intentional, the info (name, email, and responses) would be the same on both. I hope that doesn't disqualify me. Thanks again!

  12. gah!!!!! i meant to do it this weekend and totally forgot. happy blogaversary and this giveaway would have been AWESOME!


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