Saturday, April 4, 2015

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Dance Legend - selections from Las Vegas and Binary collections

I have a couple of polishes from two Dance Legend collections to show you today.  It's actually kinda funny that I ended up choosing two colours from each collection that went perfectly with each other.  I never planned it like this, but it worked out perfectly.

First is two polishes from the Binary Collection.  This is a range of 12 creme colours in a formula that is designed to be super long lasting.  There is a specific Binary top coat that you wear with these polishes that strengthen the longer the polish in worn.  It's along the same lines as Vinylux from CND. Wear on these were fantastic.  In fact I was bored with the colours before they wore or chipped off, but then again, I usually change my nails daily, so if something is on my nails longer than that I do get bored with them.

The first shade is Lisa, and it is a bright and saturated creamy blue.  Totally stunning on it's own.

The second shade is Marina, which is a pink leaning, pigmented dark lilac.

On top of these two shades I applied a single coat of two of the polishes from the Las Vegas collection.  As you would expect from a collection called Las Vegas, all the polishes are super blingly and packed with glitter.  There are 12 polishes in the collection covering a full spectrum of colours.

Stratosphere - This polish has silver, blue and purple glitters of different sizes in a faint blue jelly base.  You could built this to opacity at about 3 coats.  I wore one coat of Binary Lisa.

Bellagio - extra fine purple glitter and light golden glitters in a clear base.  This could also be built to opacity on it's own at about three coats.  This is one coat over Binary Marina.

Sadly the Dance Legend Shop is still close due to issues with the Russian post I'm lead to believe.  I have however made an order directly through the PR agent as I was willing to wear the risk with the postage, so I'll let you know how long it takes to get my package and if it arrives safely. 

Polishes provided for consideration.


  1. I really like the blue and the blue glitter. Great :-D

  2. I like them all and cross my fingers that your package arrives safely.


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