Friday, April 10, 2015

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Cirque - New Moon and Love Stone

Hi everyone.  I'm pretty excited tonight because tomorrow morning I have to go to work (even though it's Saturday and I have a regular office job), because my team is releasing another website after several months of work.  It's another massive weight off my shoulders to get this project finished and I'm hoping that with the end of this project I'll get a bit more of my blogging mojo back. My posts have been pretty light on recently.  Plus I've finally got all my goodies ready for my 5 year blog anniversary giveaway - so I will get that up this weekend too.

Today's post features two more polishes from the Cirque Colors Awakening collection. These too colours just screamed at me to be worn together, I just love pink and grey together.

The pink shade is called Love Stone and is a soft pastel pink with gold flakes.  The grey shade is called New Moon and its a concrete grey with silver flakes.

Cirque New Noon and Love Stone are from the Awakening collection by Cirque. They are available from Cirque Colors and a whole range of stockists, both in bricks and mortar stores and online.  For more details, check the Stockists.


  1. Pretty pink and I like the mani :-)

  2. Love your mani!!! Pink and gray just go together so well. The design blew my socks off - how did you get them so even? Is there a vinyl thingy with that pattern? Hahah, I even have trouble with those! Anyway, thanks for sharing your pretty nails with us, and also that ring!

    1. I just did these free hand, and had to keep remember to put my hand at arms length to check that the shapes were right and the thickness of the middle like was similar across each nail. The Cirque polishes worked really nicely and I liked that i didn't end up with lumpy polish even though I did it with a thin brush and slowly. And hey, cool right right. I was one I got in a bunch of rings for just a dollar or two.

  3. Love this manicure! Is very original and delicate!


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