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Picture Polish Vampy Chameleons

Big fat damn it, damn it, damn it.  I just spend the best part of an hour writing up and great blog post, and then, whilst I was moving photos around in the HTML and cutting and pasting text, I lost all my content.  Then it bloody autosaved and my content was lost.  Even Ctrl-X didn't work. DAMN YOU BLOGGER! 

I'm so pissed I lost all those words and I just can't be bothered writing them all up again, and god knows I wont be able to be as clever and witty the second time around. 

Here is a dot point executive summary of what I wrote.
  • I've been busy and am a slack blogger.
  • I haven't even selected a winner of the guess that polish giveaway.
  • There were lots of entries
  • There were lots that guessed everything right.
  • I made it too easy.
  • I had a week off work.
  • Son turned 7.
  • I felt bad that I didn't do a birthday nails post.
  • I spent days doing various activities with the kids during the holidays
  • Came down with a 24 hour bug and was out of action for a day.
  • Had a huge Harry Potter themed party for son today
  • Had about 25 six and seven year olds and their parents over for the party.
  • Had to clean the house.
  • Had to seriously clean the house.
  • Had to clean up my polish mess that was all over the dining table.
  • Will write blog post about party because it was awesome and we made some fun crafty stuff.
Ok, onto the polishes.

These are the recently released Picture Polish Vampy Chameleons. The collection has six duochrome shades in it.  There are three colour combinations with a shimmer and a shimmer/holographic flake combo in each of the three combos.

Revenge - a dark burgundy shimmer that shifts from pink to rusty red.

Nemesis - same a revenge, but with the added scatter holographic flakies.

Comparison of Revenge and Nemesis

Poison - a dark plum leaning red with a shimmer that shifts from aqua blue to purple.

Scandal - the same as poison, but with the scattered holographic flakies.  Notice how my indoor lighting really highlights the red base of this polish when there is direct lighting.  Angled lighting in the comparison photos shows the colour is the same.

Comparison of Poison and Scandal.

Obsession - a dark blackened red leaning purple with a shimmer that goes from purple to red.

Desire - the same as obsession but with the scattered holo flakes.

Comparison of Obsession and Desire.

As you would expect, the versions with the holographic flakies are a fair bit lighter than their shimmery counterpart, and because of this they all look quite different. 

Application was good for all of these, but if you are going to be photographing them in direct light, you will want to do three coats for full opacity.  Two coats would probably be ok for regular wear. These swatches were three coats with Seche Vite top coat.

The Picture Polish Vampy Chameleons are available from Picture Polish. International ladies may be able purchase through one of the many Network stockists if they have this in stock.


  1. I hate when autosave saves something wrong before you can fix it!!!
    Anyway you did a great summary (LOL for "cleaning house - seriously clean the house"). Happy Bday to your son!!
    About polishes...I love them all, usually I prefer holos, but my fav here are Poison and Obsession.

    1. My hubby and I joked that is was good to have a kids party at home once a year, cause it forced us to actually clean the house properly LOL.

      Obsession is my favourite too.

  2. Oh man that sucks! But I like your bullet points :-) Busy busy busy.

    OMG these are all amazing, Seriously I'm drooling at them :-D

    1. I went back to work yesterday and everyone was asking how my short break was. I told them that I have no idea how I actually find time to come to work!

      I think Obsession is my favourite of them.

  3. I think Revenge is my favourite! :D

    1. It's a lovely combo isn't it, I prefer cool tones so Obsession is probably my favourites.

  4. I'm sorry for the blogger sneaky trick!
    About the giveaway.... of course take your time and tank you, it was so funny to participate!
    Have a nice day dear ^_^

    1. I have some hours off work tomorrow, I'm hoping to sort out a winner!

  5. My laptop does a cute little trick where I'll be typing away and all of a sudden it will highlight the majority of what I have typed and my typing erases it. I am amazed this laptop has not ended up in pieces against a wall. There should be a Scream Room within 10 easy paces for everyone! BTW, I loved your bullet points!
    I am dying over Revenge - I must have it!! And also the Obsession. Too bad about my no/low-buy.....

    1. So glad to hear it's not just me! I remember seeing on TV years ago, this ball thing about the size of cantelope that you could put over your mouth and scream, and it was sound proof so no one could hear. We need one of those!

  6. I feel your pain. :( It's amazing you came up with such a good outline for everything you'd written and made the outline funny to boot.

    These colors are gorgeous. There have been so many bloggers reviewing them and it's fascinating how different they look on everyone.

    Just FYI, as I know it, ctrl-x is the command for "cut." I use it a lot with ctrl-v which is "paste" when I want to move text around. Ctrl-z is the command I use for "undo." Maybe play around with these commands and see if they work the same way for you?

    Looking forward to your post on son's birthday party. :)

    1. Thanks Delphi - I'm sure I tried Ctrl-z too in my panic, but I really must be more careful next time.

  7. Revenge and Poison are fantastic! *__*

  8. These are amazing, and your swatches are wonderful. I also very jealous of your nails :D They are just awesome. Thanks for sharing your reviews with us all.


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