Tuesday, March 15, 2016

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The Digital Dozen - Spring Day 1

Remember on my last blog post when I said you woudn't see me much around here this week.  Yeah, well it turns out I forgot it was Digital Dozen week, which means you will see me here everyday this week. Doh.  I have not done any manis for the theme yet and it's going to be a real push to get all five designs in, but I do love to push myself.

The theme for this months Digital Dozen is Spring.  Damn it, it sucks being the only person from the southern hemisphere doing a nail challenge when everyone else is on the other side of the world. They are all revving up for Spring and here I am heading into Autumn.  

Its funny that I say that's because Aussie brand Picture Polish just released some new shades, and one of them is called Spring.  I can see how well they market their products to the rest of the world with this release.

Anyhow, there I was thinking what the hell am I going to paint on my nails for the spring theme and I get a surprise package in the mail from Picture Polsih.  When I open it up I see that one of the polishes is call 'spring', that was surely a sign if there ever was one.  So I wacked on a couple of layers of this gorgeous crelly based pink scattered holo.

I needed to add something so I could say it was nail art, so I applied some fine cut metallic black butterflies that I got from the Born Pretty Store. They came in a wheel with lots of other designs, and they are only $1.99. 


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