Monday, March 28, 2016

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Bow polish thermal top coat

This is a super fun polish to play with.  Bow Polish Thermal top coat.  Now I actually used it as a base coat, and at three coats it is opaque enough not to show a visible nail line.  The colour when warm in a neutral shade of nothing.  It's like a totally sheer polish, but it's opaque.

I ended up doing some stamping on top using a Bundle Monster plate with bottle of nail polish on it. I wasn't my best stamping and in fact I did have a bit of trouble picking up the fine lines of the design, no matter which stamper I used.  I think my plate just isn't very well etched.  I coloured the nail polish bottles in with sharpies, for not particular reason other than it was quick and easy to do.

What my photos don't show is that this top coat polish goes from this nude shade to black.  It is also full of scatter holo flakes.  You can see my tips staring to go black here, but I did this mani about 6 weeks ago (whoops, sorry Dance Legend, I really should of gotten this review up earlier!) where my nails were shorter and we were having temps in the mid 30's (that's Celsius people). That is why my nails were almost always showing the warm colour.  You can see the bottle is totally black.

When my hands were colder, like when I was in the office, my nails were just a chic scattered holo black, but then they would change colour, and the sneaky stamped pattern beneath would show through.

I haven't tried this as a top coat yet, I'm not sure if it would be too opaque to hide the nail art you put underneath it, but it really works amazing as a base for nail art, and effectively does the same thing, that is, you have black nails that magically disappear when they are warm.

Bow polish is newer brand out of Russia created by the creative director of Dance Legend polishes. The polishes are not part of the Dance Legend line, but rather a separate brand, but they are available through the Dance Legend online shop.

Here are all the Dance Legend links for your shopping enabling and social engagement.

Dance Legend Online Shop
Dance Legend Facebook
Dance Legend Instagram

Polish provided for consideration.


  1. Amazing design!
    Bow Polish has resently launched similar tops in different colors, did you see them? I love the pink one, should be good for floral designs.


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