Saturday, March 5, 2016

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40 Great Nail Art Ideas: Pastels with Saran wrap technique

This weeks prompt for the 40 Great nail art ideas is Pastels, and my pattern/technique is Saran wrap nails.  Can you believe I have never done saran wrap nail art before!  I think it's funny how this technique is called Saran wrap, given that Saran is just a brand of plastic wrap available in the USA. Here in Australia we probably called it Glad wrap nails, as that is the brand that most of us Aussies have grown up with for plastic wrap.  

Anyway, this technique involves dabbing polish onto your nails using a bit of screwed plastic wrap.  I remember when this paiting technique was all the rage in the 1990's to be able to paint your walls to look like marble effect.  I recall my mum was really good at it and had a number of their walls painted using this technique, although on a much bigger scale.

I use five colours from the 2013 China Claze Sunsational collection.  I did a very soft vertical gradient across my nails.  This technique probably looks better with stronger colours, as the pastels against the white make it rather difficult to see the mottled pattern.  

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