Monday, March 7, 2016

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Neko Atsume Nail Art

Ok now, hands up who else is a little bit obsessed with this game?  I'm actually less obsessed with it now that I have collected all the kitties (although I still don't have all the mementos).  After Miss 5 saw me playing it she asked me to download it to her iPad mini and from that moment she was obsessed too.  But what amazed me most is that she was able to name every single cat just by looking at them.  She'd even say to me, "Mummy, can I tell you all my cats... Snowball, Smokey, Spots, Shadow" etc etc.

When I did these nails she even looked at them and said, oh look, there's Sunny in the box and that nail has Snowball, Fred, Spots and Shadow, then that's Breezy with the bag on her head and Tubbs! Of course she was right with all of them.  

I created these nails using print at home water decals.  It is the sort of nail art that I knew I had to get the shapes of the cats right to ensure it looked like Neko Atsume and not just random cats, and that is why I chose to print them out rather than try to freehand them.  

The process with the water decal paper is very simple.  
  1. Choose some images you like by doing a good image search.
  2. Resize the images down to the correct width for your nails. For me it is about 1.3cm wide. You can do this in photoshop, but if you aren't a photoshop wizz, you can even do it in MS word by editing the image.
  3. Print a practice print out on a piece of regular white paper to ensure the sizes are right.
  4. If everything is good, cut a small piece of your water decal paper (I got mine off ebay) that is big enough to cover the bit you just printed out.  I use the transparent decal paper so that means you need to paint your nails white to start with.
  5. Sticky tape the water decal paper over the top of what you printed, only attaching the tape to a thin part of the decal paper at the top.
  6. Print your decals again by feeding the same piece of paper back into you printer.  This will print onto the decal paper in exactly the same place it printed previously.  I use this technique so I don't waste the water decal paper and only just the small bit I need.
  7. If you use an ink printer, rather than a laser printer, you will need to seal the ink. I do this by just painting a layer of clear top coat polish onto the water decal.
  8. Then just cut them out and apply as usual.
The hardest part of doing this mani was choosing which images to use.  I wanted at least one butt shot, cause they are just too cute. I also wanted the logo image.  I had to have Tubbs, cause well... Tubbs, and then it was between Breezy and her bag and a face plant.  I went with Breezy cause she reminds me of out Tikki, including the bag on the head.  Have you ever witnessed a cat with a plastic bag on it's head?  It's not a calm experience like Breezy shows here, at least not in our house. The sound of that bag on their head totally freaks them out and they have a total crazy cat moment.


  1. way cool! I love this, especially greedy old Tubbs.

  2. Hahahah, that mani is hilarious! Thank you!

  3. love this! I've toyed around with buying printable temp tattoo paper and doing this myself as well.

  4. This is sooo super cute! I've known about nekoatsume, but wasn't really interested till I saw this post. Downloaded the app yesterday and I'm hooked. Now I go check on the kitties when I should be doing my nails! lol

  5. Oh, so cuuuute ♥ ♥ ♥

  6. Love this cute mani! I play too and I have the untried decal paper. Thanks for the tip of cutting a small piece and taping to your printed sheet.


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