Thursday, March 17, 2016

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The Digital Dozen - Spring Day 3

It's really hard to do nail art designs for a 'Spring' theme without getting stuck in a rut of flowers. But that said, I had to do at least one free hand painted design for the challenge, so here it is. Yay for me, I actually did nail art.

I was absolutely inspired by a design done by Sarah from Chalkboard nails. This is my version of her Lavender blossom design.

I used a selection of different greens for the flower leaves and stems, and for the lavender blossoms I used Picture Polish Wisteria and Violet Femme.

This is such a great design because it is so easy to do. My right hand even ended up looks almost the same as my left hand.


  1. Oooh how lovely! Now I want to recreate these, too.

  2. You are killing the nail art!! Fantastic!!

  3. Wow, I really love these!! Using all of the different greens was really brilliant!


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